Welcome to the Fort Worth Camera Club
Our Photographers of the Year - 2013

Master Print Photographers of the Year

1st  Hal Waller

2nd  Robert Chura

3rd  Aimee Martin

HM  Marsha Ezell


Master Digital Photographers of the Year

1st  Ron Shue

2nd David Morgan

3rd Darren Huski

HM Steve Bomar


Advanced Print Photographer of the Year

1st Paul Zellers

2nd Robert Frase

3rd Jack Wilkins

HM Shawn Gibson


Advanced Digital Photographers of the Year

1st  Larry Lewis

2nd Shawn Gibson

3rd Brendan Kelly

HM Paul Zellers


Beginner Print Photographer of the Year

1st Peggy Gibson

2nd John Nixon

3rd Peter Hatton

HM Jan Moore


Beginner Digital Photographers of the Year

1st Linsey Bayor

2ndLeslie Forbes

3rd Peggy Gibson

HM Carolyn Bobo

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      Febuary Best in Show

    "The Wagon Room"

     by Jeff Heyer



    The image is of the wagon room at Old Fort Bent in southeastern Colorado. Old Fort Bent is a reconstructed fort from the mid 1800's. Trappers and traders used the fort as a stop over place on the Santa Fe Trail. The image is an HDR blend of of three images; the images were initially edited in Lightroom, imported into Photomatix, and reprocessed in Lightroom



    Fort Worth Wins 48th Annual

     DFW Contest

     October Third 2013

    This year was our turn to host the annual DFW photo contest with the Dallas Club. Each club entered 15 prints and 15 digital images to be judged and scored from 1 to 5 points by each of three judges. Members of each club were restricted to enter no more than one image in each category.

    This year’s judges were Jim Murray, David Thomason, and Kevin Brown.

    We beat Dallas 185 to 153 in prints and 153 to 145 in digital.This marks the 7th consecutive year we have won the contest and kept “the bird” a trophy the winning club gets to keep for the year.

     Our club’s 30 entries represented the work of 26 of our members, an indication of the number of fine photographers in our group. It should also be noted that we had 9 Masters and 6 Class A photographer’s prints in the contest and 6 Masters, 5 Class A and 4 Class B photographers images in digital.

     Our club took all four places in prints as well as 2nd and HM in digital.

    Congratulations to our print winners

    Brigid Brammer 1st

    Robert Chura 2nd

    Reagan Ferguson 3rd

    Hal Wallar HM

    Digital winners

    Houston Brown (Dal) 1st

    Shawn Gibson 2nd

    Dennis Fritsche (Dal)

    Larry Lewis HM.


    Thanks to Julio Delio for organizing our dinner and to all those members who brought food. Every year the meal just seems to get better and better.