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Our Photographers of the Year - 2014

Master Print Photographers of the Year

1st  Reagan Ferguson

2nd  Hal Wallar

3rd  Roy Richardson

HM  Marcus Brammer

Advanced Print Photographers of the Year

1st  Brendan Kelly

2nd Jeff Heyer

3rd  Robert Frase

HM  Brigid Brammer

Beginners Print Photographer of the Year

1st John Nixon

2nd Nan Zellers

3rd Jude Plauche

HM Denny Behm

Masters Digital Photographers of the Year

1st  Darren Huski

2nd Steve Obregon

3rd Larry Lewis

HM Paul Zellers

Advanced Digital Photographer of the Year

1st Leslie Forbes

2nd Marilyn Graham

3rd Brendan Kelly

HM Ryan Moeller

Beginner Digital Photographers of the Year

1st Denny Behm

2nd Pam Kisielewski

3rd Michael Erwin

HM Nan Zellers

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      November Best in Show

    "Shadow Play Death Valley"

     by Marcus Brammer





    Image was taken in Death Valley California in Oct. 2013 at an area called the Racetrack. It took me several hours to reach this area in a jeep, thank God i didn't drive my car!!!    I shot this image using a Nikon D800 with a wide angle lens 14mm-24mm with a exposure 1/640 sec. at F/8.0 at ISO 100.   The sun was starting to set behind some mountains that gave me line of Light and Shadow, which I was  hoping to get. In the foreground you can see slight Rock Trail which I was hoping being better example,  but had to go where the light was.   I've been to Death Valley several times now and can't wait for the next time and Highly recommend going there.




    Fort Worth Camera Club Wins DFW Contest


    The Fort Worth Camera Club beat the Dallas Camera Club to win this year’s annual DFW contest. This marks the eighth year in a row Fort Worth has won the contest and gets to retain and have its name engraved on “The Bird”, a trophy handed back and forth each year to the winning club.

     Each club entered fifteen prints and fifteen projected digital. Three Judges then scored each entry from one to five points for a total of three to fifteen points. The club obtaining the most points was pronounced the winner.

     This year, Dallas’ prints outscored Fort Worth’s 165 to 157 but Fort Worth outscored Dallas in projected digital 166 to 145, winning the contest 323 to 316.

     Hal Wallar took first place with his print The Wizard of Jadao and His Camel. Ella Mae Wallar took second place with her print Man of India.

     Our club won all four places in projected digital. First place was Waiting by Larry Lewis, second place was Promise by Paul Zellers, third was won by Darren Huski with his image Light of the Galaxy and Honorable Mention was taken by

    Brendan Kelly with Can I Be the Man He Was.

     Thanks to all who submitted prints and digital images for the contest. We are especially proud that we entered work from 29 of our members.  At our next meeting, we’ll have the score sheets so everyone can see how their image scored.

    Ken Spencer