Master Prints

1st   Remnants         by Paul Zellers

2nd  The Lost Patient     by   Jeff Heyer

3rd  Red Cushioned Chair    by  Robert Chura

Hm Umywalka    by  Robert Chura 


Advanced  Prints

1st   Oh Come Angel Band    by  Marilyn Graham

2nd   New Dog Old Tricks    by   Tim Rohman 

3rd   View Through the Window    Roy O’Rear

Hm  Taking the Low Road    by   Brian Fesco    


 Beginners Prints

1st   Delicate Petals   by   Adolfo Rubio lll

2nd  Sunset Stroll     by   Marissa Rubio

3rd   Bee Hind    by  Melody Schotte 

Hm  Foot Bridge    by   Bob Grantham


Master Digital  


1st Place     Havana Clothes Dryer  by  Dick Kinler

2nd Place    Tide Pool    by Paul Zellers 

3rd Place     Arctic Angels     by  Ron Shue

HM             The Last Act  by David Morgan    


Advanced Digital

 1st Place   Waves    by Pamela Steege

2nd Place  Two and a Half Octaves    by Brian Fesco

3rd Place  Under the Milky Way    by Roy O’Rear

Hm           Water    by  Jon McFarling



Beginners Digital

1st Place     Getting High at the Lighthouse   by   Susan Horton

2nd Place    Turn Right to 393    by   Daivd Roberts 

3rd place     Reed Shadows on Glassy Lake    by  Joyce Lamb

HM              Serene Desertscape  by  David Roberts