Photographs of the Year 2017


Class B Prints

1st Turquoise Cowboy by Kelley Bussey

2nd Rainy Night at Eureka Springs by Kelley Bussey

3rd Canada Geese Gathering by Susan Taylor

HM Texas Gothic by Susan Taylor


Class A Prints

1st Weathered by the Wind by Sharon Sturgis

2nd Mountain Man by Sharon Sturgis

3rd Molten 2 by Shawn Gibson

HM The Free #5 by Joanna Sherman


Master’s Prints

1st The Night Shift by Hal Wallar

2nd Sunny Escape by Ron Shue

3rd Cinque Terra by Marsha Ezell

HM The Thunder Rolls by Ron Shue


Class B Digital

1st Dawn on Snake River by Kelley Bussey

2nd Rocky Shore – Elgol, Scotland by Patty Sparks

3rd Board Meeting on the Kokernot by Kelley Bussey

HM Spring Fireworks by David Bee


Class A Digital

1st Lines of Reflection by Shawn Gibson

2nd Starlight Stampede by Stephen Stookey

3rd Interstellar by Jerry Turner

HM Snow Monkey Mama and Baby by Marilyn Graham


Master’s Digital

1st Crimson Tide by Brian Fesko

2nd Saint Olaf Sunset by Jon McFarling

3rd Cocktail Party by Ron Shue

HM White Sands by Aimee Martin