March 2018 Judge
Malinda Julien


Contact info:


 Phone: 817 681-9851

 Malinda M. Julien, CPP Professional Photographer & Editor


730 South Saginaw Blvd | Fort Worth, Texas 76179
tel (817)681-9851 | mobile (325) 439-1585




 April 2018 Judge
Ian McVea

To help entrants, Ian shared his judging standards:

An image earns points when it meets these standards:

  • -Publishable by technical quality standards - 6
  •  -Also has strong composition, tone, use of color - 8
  • -Also has a creative/unique interpretation - 10
  • -The image clearly tells a story and/or conveys emotion, either about the subject or what the photographer was feeling when the picture was made. – 12
  • -Man, I wish this shot was in my portfolio!”- 15



Ian McVea hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and grew up in Asia and East Africa in the 1960s and 1970s but has been a naturalized Texan since 1985. Coming to the U.S. after high school, Ian trained as a bush pilot in Southern California, and later earned a BBA in management from UTA in 1989. 

He was on staff at the “Fort Worth Star-Telegram” as a news/sports photographer, picture editor and later Director of Photography, beginning in 1990 until a staff reduction in 2012.

He now teaches Commercial Photography and Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom Certification at Martin High School in Arlington.

His work has appeared widely in such outlets as “Sports Illustrated,” “Newsweek,” “Time,” “Life,” “US News & World Report,” and others … and a “National Examiner” cover he doesn’t like to talk about. His images are distributed by the AP and Getty Images, and he still shoots occasional photo essays for Texas newspapers and magazines. 

McVea is a member of the Royal Photographic Society, the Association of Texas Photography Instructors, and the National Press Photographers Association. 

He no longer maintains a website for you to troll, but, in an effort to keep up with the times, he does have a 500PX presence and is on Instagram @cloakndaguerre.




May 2018 Judge
Truitt Rodgers

I've been a commercial/advertising photographer for 30 years and have experience shooting everything from pigs to people, food to fashion, interior design to industrial and architecture. I love the variety of what I do, the new digital advances in the photographic field and the talented and creative people I have the privilege to work with! The future is very exciting!

Contact information for Truitt Rodgers:

Web site:

Phone: 817 924-8783

Studio Address: 3201 Stuart Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76110







June 2018 Judge
Kipp Baker

Kipp has been making serious photographs for himself and others since the early 70's. He's been making money at it - for himself and others - since he led the imaging team that won a Gold Medal at the New York Film Festival. 

There have been many awards since. 

The work involves photography as a language - not just a documentary medium. Kipp's knowledge of photography's grammar developed from the aware use of the camera and the tough teacher of film.

As a professional - and an artist - he's captured images with everything from pinhole and disposable cameras to instant Polaroid SX-70s, standard 35mm and medium formats all the way to the 8x10 film format behemoths. Those captures continue into today's use of the highly sophisticated digital electronica - whatever tells the story. 

Kipp's syntax of photography produces profound visual statements, pictured narratives and poetic pixels. Whatever the subject, using the gritty authenticity of photojournalism, ultimate studio control or 'photoshopped' perfection, he brings a valued story to the marketplace.





Contact Info:


Address: Picture New Media

2006 6th Ave.Fort Worth, TX 76110

 Tel. Work: 817 923-5477

 Tel. Cell: 817 996-8222




July 2018 Judge


 August 2018 Judge
Marea Downey 

Marea Downey was born and raised in Surrey, England, but has lived with her husband in Texas for 35 years. They have a home in Dallas, spend time at their ranch near Farmersville, Texas, and reserve a few months each year for their hide-away cottage in Cadgwith, Cornwall.


Marea's work has been published in Outdoor Photography, Cornwall Today, travel guides and newspapers. In her books, For Love of Cadgwith, and In the Heart of Cadgwith, she recorded her tribute to this historic Cornish village.


In 2012 she provided seventy-eight images for the best-selling book The Fisherman's Apprentice, authored by Monty Halls, which accompanied the six-part BBC series. The National Portrait Gallery in London requested one of her portraits.


In March this year Marea will be in London to exhibit some of her landscape images at a gallery near Trafalgar Square.


Marea devotes her photographic talent to assisting charities, such as creating images for a calendar in aid of the Leukemia Trust, and for fundraising for The Fishermen's Mission in Cornwall. Her teaching support of the advanced art students at Fairhill, a Dallas school for students with learning differences, has helped many achieve honors in annual statewide photography competitions. She has also given two photography seminars at Midway College, Kentucky.


The Photographic Society of America has qualified her as a judge for Camera Club competitions; Marea regards it as an honor and a pleasure to be invited to judge other photographers' work. She is also a Commentator for one of PSA's Study Groups.

Marea is a "Master" photographer with the Plano Photography Club, and serves on their Board. She was named their “Photographer of the Year” for 2013.



Marea Downey Contact information:



Home Tel. 972 713-8634

Cell: 972 977-2763

Address: 5902 Yardley Court

Dallas, TX 75248

September 2018 Judge

October 2018 Judge

November 2018 Judge





Fort Worth Camera Club

General Contest Rules and Procedures 


Only members age ten and over and in good standing are eligible to enter competitions.


All submitted work should bear a title unlike any other by the same photographer.  A common title such as “Untitled” should also include a sequential number.


All work must be identified with the entrant’s assigned membership number. The photographer’s name must not appear on any material submitted. All prints must be labeled on the back, in the upper left corner, with title, membership number
(no name) and  the orientation of the print (if not obvious).


Commercial processing of images, including mounts, is permissible. Otherwise, the creation of the image must be solely the work of the entrant.


Entries will be collected at the first meeting of the month. Judging results and critiquing will take place on the second meeting of each month or as otherwise announced. Judges are encouraged to attend and give constructive critiques.


You can re-enter any image up to two times for monthly competition (for a total of three entries) or until it places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Once the image places or has been entered three times you can not enter it again in monthly competition. Once an image has won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, the winning photographer may not enter subsequent photographs of the same subject, even in another category unless they differ significantly in perspective, lighting, or composition. All entries are to be reviewed by the competition committee.

Closed Subject Contest 

Entries in “closed” or “assigned subject” contest must conform to the assigned theme either literally or in a readily apparent, figurative sense. Only those images taken after the assigned subjects have been announced will be eligible for entry. The Competition Committee shall review all closed contest entries for compliance before the close of the “turn in” meeting.


Once an image has won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place the winning photographer may not enter subsequent photographs of the same subject, even in another category, unless they differ significantly in perspective, lighting, or composition. All entries are to be reviewed by the competition committee. Any entry determined to be unacceptable under the above mentioned criteria will not be submitted for judging. Tasteful nudity is acceptable.


Ribbons will normally be awarded for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and Honorable Mention places in each class. When there is a limited turn-in, ribbons will be awarded as follows:

7+ entries:
all four ribbons

5 or 6 entries:
top three ribbons

3 or 4 entries:
top two ribbons

1 or 2 entries:
1st place ribbon

In a contest with unusually high turn-ins, one additional Honorable Mention will be added for each increment of 10 entries over 20.

The judge will award a “Best in Show” each month from all the submitted images, print and digital.

Award Points

 A cumulative point system is maintained by the competition committee. Each entry will be assigned a numerical score from 6 to 15 points. The effort of submitting merits a score of no less than 6. A “fair” entry should receive a score of 7-9, a “good” entry should receive a score of 10-12, and “excellent” entries should receive 13-15 points. In addition to scoring the entries, the judge will assign 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and Honorable Mention awards.

Annual Awards

At year’s end, the club member accumulating the largest number of award points from his/her top ten scores in each class will be acclaimed the Photographer of the Year in that class and awarded a plaque. Second place, third place and Honorable Mention Photographers of the Year will be awarded rosettes. In the event of a tie, the number of original entries submitted during the year will determine the winner. For the purpose of tie-breaking, an original entry is one that has not been previously entered in this contest year. If a further tie breaker is needed the member with the greatest number of first places in the class will be declared the winner then, if needed, second places and so on.

Year End Contest 

Entries winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in monthly contest are eligible for the year end contest. Awards will be given for the top four places in each class. 1st place in each class will be declared the Photograph of the Year in that class and awarded a plaque. 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mentions will be awarded rosettes. 


Any entry winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in a regular scheduled monthly contest will be retired from scheduled monthly competitions but will be eligible for the year end contest in the current year as well as any other club sponsored competitions such as the annual competition with the Dallas Camera Club.

Competing in Classes 

Members may choose to compete in the “B” (beginner), or “A” (advanced) classes of prints and/or digital. Members may enter the Master’s classes after winning Class A Photographer of the Year or by invitation of the board of directors.  If a member chooses to change class mid-year, any points awarded in the original class competed in do not transfer to the second class.


Class B Photographers of the Year will be required to move to Class A. Class A Photographers of the Year  may, at their discretion, move to the Master’s Class. Anyone winning Class A Photographer of the Year two times will be required to move to the Master’s Class. Progression will be within the print and digital classes. If someone is promoted to Class A prints, for instance, they must also compete in Class A digital.

Number of Entries 

A member may enter no more than two (2) images in each monthly competition and no more than one (1) image per category.

Rules & Procedures for Prints

Color and monochrome prints will be judged together in one category, “Prints”. Monochrome prints may be toned.


Members may enter one (1) print in color or monochrome.


All prints must be mounted on substantial backing or mat board. Framed prints or those with hanging devices attached are not permitted. Maximum print size and/or mat size is 20x24 inches. Maximum mat board thickness is 5/16 inch. No prints will be accepted in plastic bags or with paper attached.  Care should be taken that the mat/backing  is secured properly and sturdy enough for competition judging.


 All prints must be labeled on the back, in the upper left corner, with title, membership number
(no name) and  the orientation of the print (if not obvious).

Rules & Procedures for Digital

Color and monochrome digital images will be judged together in one category, “Digital”.


Members may enter one (1) digital file.


The maximum resolution allowed for digital entries is 1920 pixels wide and 1280 pixels high. Images submitted that are smaller will not be disqualified, but will be at a disadvantage during judging and when projected.



 Files must be JPEG. File name extension must be .jpg.

Color Space 

For accurate color display, sRGB is recommended.

File Naming

The following file naming convention is important to insure proper automatic sorting of our digital entires. Each file name will contain Class (A, B or M), Member Number, and Title as shown below. Use an underscore (NOT a dash or hyphen) to separate each item. Title names shall contain spaces. In order to support the automation of our file gathering process, it is important NOT to add an underscore within your title names. Avoid the use of unsupported special characters such as \ / : * ? < > | in title names. 

Some GOOD examples:
M_1233_Tinkering Around.jpg
B_1459_Colorado River.jpg
A_1229_Plane In Flight.jpg
B_1234_River Walk.jpg

Some BAD examples:

(this one is a great example because one does not know if the entry is for class A or the name of the photograph is “A Fall Sunrise”).


Submitting Digital File(s) 

You may email your files as attachments to:   anytime prior to the turn-in meeting. Please include “FWCC Digital Submission” in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation reply when your files are received and checked in. If you prefer, in lieu of email, you may bring a CD to the turn-in meeting.