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June 23:

Night photography outing at Fort Griffin Historic Park

The Galactic Center of the milky way will be visible from 10:31 to 4:47 towards the South (SE-SW) and should be Diagonal to the Horizon.

This is the New Moon phase so best time for Milky Way, Star Points, and Star Trails but it will be dark.

There are about five structures and several rock ruins to use as good foreground or subjects in your night image.  You will need to bring food and drinks.  I suggest leaving your car in the parking lot to minimize light pollution in the area.  Pray for good weather. 

I will be there from 7pm to 3am.  There will be someone available to assist anyone who needs it.  It should be a lot of fun.

I need a count of who will attend so I can tell the Park Ranger and pay a $4 fee per head.  They want one person to pay the fee for the group to keep it simple for them.  They will give us the combination to the gate after the fee is paid.


John Nixons' Night Shoot PDF