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Coming soon: Sept. 6

 If you missed the Aug. 2 meeting, go to the Project Barbatype website to see Scott Hilton's and Bryan Wing's tintypes, the topic of the meeting.

The tintype process changed photography by allowing the creation of a finely detailed negative, according to the Amon Carter Museum’s Guide to Photographic Processes. Tintypes use a chemical process on a thin enamel-coated plate.

Project Barbatype records men and women in beard and mustache contests, below, in tintype formats.

Join us for the Sept. 6 monthly program; watch this space.


Got an idea for a program?

Contact 2018 Club president and program chair Roy O'Rear with suggestions and ideas. Our first Thursday meeting features a presentation or learning session, while our third Thursday gathering is the monthly competition review, judge's comments and awards. 

Missed a meeting?

Program topics in 2018 have included digital painting, tips on photographing birds in flight, photo restoration, nature photography and tips from club masters.