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The City of Grand Prairie Public Art Program just announced a new Call for Artists to create art on Traffic Signal Boxes (TSBs) located throughout the city.

  We are accepting proposals based on photographs and/or graphic designs that would be printed and wrapped in vinyl by a contractor we have selected.  We are also accepting proposals for direct painting on the boxes.

Ten of the TSBs are sponsored by our Public Art Program and we will be accepting proposals based on a “Celebrate the Environment in General” theme. Artists’ proposals for that theme can include scenes depicting fresh vegetables and/or fruit, the Grand Prairie Farmer’s Market, nature, animals, prairies, wildflowers or other landscaping scenes, hiking, gardening, Monarch butterflies or other butterflies and insects, energy-related topics, litter prevention and more.

The other 10 TSBs are sponsored by the City of Grand Prairie Public Works Department and will be selected based on themes of “Water Conservation/Water Quality.” Artists’ proposals for that theme should focus on water-related scenes that help the public appreciate the value and beauty of water and can include fish, creeks, the Trinity River, quotes about the importance of water and more.

The sample boxes depicted in the Call to Artists were specifically chosen to give examples of the type of scenes and quality of work we hope to see on the TSBs.

Each artist may submit one entry per category and may win in each category.

Winning artists will each earn a commission up to $2,000 depending on whether the box will be painted directly by the artist or whether it will be vinyl wrapped with the artist’s design.

The deadline for entries is 5 pm, September 22, 2017.

Download the Call to Artists Application Packet to learn more.  Here is a link to the website and packet…

Thank you!


Tammy Chan

Public Art Coordinator

1102 MacArthur Blvd.

Grand Prairie, TX  75050

972-237-8159 Office

214-212-7958 Cell


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