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2017 Year-end Award Images

The Fort Worth Camera Club celebrates its members' good work with an annual party/reception each December. Award-winning images are on display and members whose entries have earned the highest point totals from judges are honored.

Join the club, enter your images and mark your calendar (usually the first Thursday in December) for this celebration of photography.

Single Images can be found here


Club members take 6 awards at annual Granbury show 

Congratulations to Fort Worth Camera Club members who won awards in the Granbury Camera Club/Lake Granbury Art Association contest. Six of the top 14 awards went to club members. Winners were announced Jan. 29, 2018, and will be on display through February.

Winners, top to bottom below, are:

  • Best in Show: Canada Geese Gathering, Susan Taylor
  • First Place: The Music Man, Carol Sewell
  • Second Place: Krzeslo, Robert Chura
  • Honorable Mention: Blackfoot Portrait, Sharon Sturgis
  • Finalist: Little Indian Princess, Ellen Leonard
  • Finalist: Buiik, Robert Chura

 Want to see more great photos? Join the club and attend our meetings. First Thursday meetings provides information about photo techniques and technology; the Third Thursday meeting showcases images by club members at all skill levels, from beginner to master, along with judges’ comments and suggestions.

(Note that these images are copyrighted by the photographer and may not be used without permission.)


2017 Annual Contest, Dallas vs. Fort Worth

 The Fort Worth and Dallas camera clubs have held an annual competition since 1964. Members of both clubs submit photos for judging ... and the highest point total wins. The Fort Worth Camera Club won in 2017. 

The winner keeps The Bird, a trophy named for a longtime photography supporter. The Bird sits proudly on the podium at each club meeting. (Bird image at left, courtesy of the other photography club.)




Here are the scores and awards for the DFW competition: 


First: “Storage Tank” by Dennis Fritsche (Dallas)

Second: “Turquoise Cowboy” by Kellye Bussey (Fort Worth)

Third: “The MD Garage” by John Nixon (Fort Worth)

Honorable Mention: “The Truth is Out There” by Ron Shue (Fort Worth)

Print Scores

Fort Worth: 168

Dallas: 150


First: “Secrets” by Steve Reeves (Dallas)

Second: “Friend Mantis” by Stephen Evans (Dallas)

Third: “Sandy Noses” by Tom Savage (Fort Worth)

Honorable Mention: “Gone Fishing” by Mike Hill (Dallas)

Digital Score

Fort Worth: 158

Dallas: 164

Overall Score

Fort Worth: 326

Dallas: 314



Below is the link to the iPhone app that Susan Taylor explained at a 2017 meeting. The app provides an assortment of editing tools for iPhones.

Link to the Iphone app


Best of Show
"La Silla" by Robert Chura
1st Place
"The Pulpit" by Robert Chura
2nd Place
"I See You" by Nan Zellers
3rd Place
"Edges" by Wendy Moore
Honorable Mention
"The Bulls" by Sharon Sturgis
Honorable Mention
"Cactus Wren w/Old Man’s Beard" by Jake Balmuth
Honorable Mention
"Mystic Forest" by Carmen Mowrer